Too Busy Taking My Time #adhd #adhdcoaching #adhdcommunity #productivity Sep 08, 2023

“I was too busy taking my time,” she said to her husband.

I laughed.

And wrote it down.

Because too good not to share!

Isn’t that often true for ADHD?

Or for overwhelmed, stuck, stressed, burned out people?

This summer I found I was all of those things.

It wasn’t just ADHD...

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Filling Your Basket #adhd #adhdcoaching #family #productivity Aug 19, 2023

When we think of boundaries, we usually jump straight to ways to keep others from doing allthethings that drive us crazy.

But boundaries start with us.

They are physical, mental and emotional fences we construct to ensure our safety.

Boundaries are an important first step to improving your mental...

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Why ADHDers Need to Pause #adhd #adhdcoaching #pause #productivity #selfworth #well-being Jun 04, 2023

Friday afternoon, I looked out our large window - taking a quick breather in between readying the kitchen for a family lunch.

A female cardinal was splashing in our backyard birdbath.

We never see cardinals so I knew this was special.

I called my daughter over.

Because cardinals are believed to...

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Coach Vs Therapist #adhd #adhdcoaching #mentalhealth #well-being mentalhealthawareness therapist May 26, 2023

Through my Mental Health Awareness Month stories, I've gotten this question.

How does a Coach differ from a therapist?

Coaching and therapy can look similar, so I can understand the confusion.

That’s because there are a few overlaps.

We both are helping individuals transform their awareness...

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Find Your Story #adhd #adhdcoaching #mentalhealth #selfworth #well-being May 20, 2023

Over 20 years ago, I saw a therapist for depression.

It was just before the holidays and with the kindest of intentions, she put me on medication so I could enjoy them.

Unfortunately, that med threw me straight into mania.

I felt like my heart was racing all of the time and I ended up going on a...

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I Cried over a Pork Chop #adhd #adhdcoaching #productivity chemobrain perimenopause May 13, 2023

I cried over a pork chop.

I was in a chemo brain re-training group learning how to not forget allthethings.

My colleague expressed her frustration at being unable to find the pork chops she had prepared for dinner that night.

And I cried and cried.

In usual times, I would have chuckled and said...

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What Is ADHD Coaching? #adhd #adhdcoaching #productivity May 04, 2023

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD and other brain-based challenges can make you feel like your brain is scattered or has 50 tabs open at any given time.

Coaching is a partnership where we focus on your forward momentum one tab at a time.

In coaching, we work together to help you

  • stay focused on...
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How to Take Time Off Even When You're Overwhelmed #adhdcoaching #productivity #well-being adhd overwhelmed time-management Mar 07, 2023

Since summer, my client has wanted to take Friday afternoons off.

Because she runs her own business, it’s hard for her to be away for a week at a time.

She has a busy schedule of projects and frequently the client work would seep right into her weekend.

It was driving her crazy and she was...

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