Coach Vs Therapist

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Through my Mental Health Awareness Month stories, I've gotten this question.

How does a Coach differ from a therapist?

Coaching and therapy can look similar, so I can understand the confusion.

That’s because there are a few overlaps.

We both are helping individuals transform their awareness and behaviors.

But -

Therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing.

Therapists explore the past, present and future to help patients reduce their symptoms and make behavioral changes.

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal thoughts or any other serious mental illness you’ll want to see a therapist.

I don't diagnose.

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on tv.

But I am a certified Trauma Informed Coach, which means that while I can't diagnose I can point you in the right direction for additional professional support.

Many of my clients have a therapist and me as their coach.

So you can work with me as your coach and if you want, I’ll work in conjunction with your therapist.

Coaches believe that the client is naturally creature, resourceful and whole.

We call this NCRW - you know it’s a pillar concept when you have an acronym for it.

We focus on the present and the future to empower you to make your own decisions.

Behavioral changes are an outgrowth of your choices.

As a coach, I follow an Awareness-Action-Learning model.

This means we first bring Awareness to what you’re doing.

You’ll start paying attention to where you’re struggling.

For example, maybe you’ll track your time for a few days.

Then we review your time log together.

We determine where you’re wasting time - too many mindless rounds of Candy Crush or binging Netflix.

Or maybe you’ll realize you’re not taking any time to be intentionally unproductive.

Then you’ll take Action on one thing.

That's right you'll have a small homework assignment.

Maybe that’s spotting exercise or meditation into your morning routine.

Putting your Oxygen mask on first!

When you have ADHD, this taking action part is not easy.

We struggle with motivation and we can be guilty of all or nothing thinking.

That's why we make small shifts rather than trying to fix allthethings at once.

Last but not least, we’ll talk about the Learning.

We'll explore with questions like

  • Did that work for you.
  • What could have made it better?
  • Should we toss it out and try something different because it didn't work for you?

Together, we ensure you have the support you need so you can make those shifts.

Support is more than just your coach.

It can include a therapist, other supportive people, an environment that holds you up.

You'll know what that is because you're NCRW, remember?

I only have room for two new clients in June.

Is one of them you?

Let's meet and explore coaching options.

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