The Power of Pause #adhd #adhdawareness #mentalhealth #selflove May 11, 2024

A few years ago, in the first few months of the pandemic, I wrote nearly daily posts on social media about my experiences.

This one struck home and I thought I would share it with you.

We're just coming out of one of the most important pauses - a family member was in hospice.

And it felt like...

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The Real Deal #adhd #adhdproductivity adhdweekend getaway self-love Mar 04, 2024

I snuck away to visit my parents in Florida last weekend.

I’ve been at full throttle for as long as I can remember.

As much as I wanted to be, I wasn’t completely unplugged. (I'll be getting unplugged soon I promise!)

My bestie, who I stayed with, gave me a spot for my laptop at her...

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How to Slow Down Even with ADHD #adhd #adhdawareness #adhdcommunity #adhdlifeskills #adhdstrategies #breatheandfocus #mindfulnesswithadhd #selfcarewithadhd #slowdownwithadhd #slowliving #takeyourtime Feb 20, 2024

The snow was falling again in Connecticut last weekend and pretty much all up and down the east coast.

I love the quiet and the slowing down.

A pleasure after a super busy January. A month where I was very sick and couldn't get in any skiing. Skiing is what keeps me sane in winter. And I confess...

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February is Where New Year's Resolutions Go to Die #adhd #adhdbrain #adhdcoach #adhdcommunity #newyear #newyearresolution Feb 12, 2024

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?By now, who knows right!?!Resolutions are big and scary.Far better to make small shifts in our habits.

In case you didn’t notice, there are a bajillion books on habits.I’m pretty sure there are as many books on creating new habits as...

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How Do You See Yourself #adhd #adhdawareness #adhdbrain #self-care #selfcareadhd #selflove Feb 03, 2024

The eye doctor dropped the bomb – bifocals.

Just not happening.

I crossed my arms and shook my head with an adamant no.

Except, it is happening.

And so much more.

I still feel about 40 even though my eyes are telling me otherwise.

After much negotiation, we landed on bifocal glasses with a...

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Unraveling the Time Management Puzzle: Navigating ADHD Executive Function Challenges #adhd #adhdproductivity time-management timemanagement Jan 21, 2024

For professionals with ADHD, the concept of time can feel like a slippery fish, difficult to grasp and even harder to manage. The challenges with time management often stem from unique executive function struggles in the ADHD brain. In this article, we'll dive into the science behind ADHD and...

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How to Deal with Spaghetti Brain #adhd #adhdproductivity self-worth Jan 14, 2024

I just got out of my weekly coaching call with my digital marketing coach extraordinaire, Nika Stewart.

I was having one of those moments where I had 6,000 brilliant ideas but not one focus.
And Nika had to rein me in.
Uber focused – love it.

Here I am a productivity coach for brain-based...

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Grinch and Grace #adhd #burnout #selflove Dec 23, 2023

I didn’t feel like writing this morning.
Which is pretty weird for me because I love typing my thoughts on my iPad early in the morning curled up in a quilt, tea in hand.
But today the words haven’t flowed naturally.
They’re feeling a little stuck.
I’M feeling a little stuck.


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Opting Out from Overwhelm #adhd #adhdcoach #organization #organized #workspace Nov 28, 2023

Where’s Catherine?


On this episode of Where’s Waldo, we’re searching for Catherine.

After all, she has been eerily absent from inboxes this month.

That’s partly by design and partly because our life got very lifey - family and illness and caregiving oh my.


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Too Busy Taking My Time #adhd #adhdcoaching #adhdcommunity #productivity Sep 08, 2023

“I was too busy taking my time,” she said to her husband.

I laughed.

And wrote it down.

Because too good not to share!

Isn’t that often true for ADHD?

Or for overwhelmed, stuck, stressed, burned out people?

This summer I found I was all of those things.

It wasn’t just ADHD...

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