Grinch and Grace #adhd #burnout #selflove Dec 23, 2023

I didn’t feel like writing this morning.
Which is pretty weird for me because I love typing my thoughts on my iPad early in the morning curled up in a quilt, tea in hand.
But today the words haven’t flowed naturally.
They’re feeling a little stuck.
I’M feeling a little stuck.


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ADHD Vs Burnout #adhd #burnout #selflove #well-being Oct 20, 2022

Burnout vs ADHD 

part 1 of 2

Did you know that burnout symptoms can look like just another day with ADHD?

So, we end up not recognizing burnout until it's way too late.

There’s this belief that people with ADHD are lazy.

Or really a label we picked up in childhood that stuck.


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