How to Embrace Your Uniquely Wired Brain #productivity adhd mentalhealth procrastination May 06, 2023

I lost my license.

The last thing I remember is feeling something in my right pants pocket, pulling it out, and thinking “oh you need to put that in your wallet before you lose it.”

Other than that I have nothing.

Did I put it back in my pants pocket?

Did I put it someplace...

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Clutter is Postponed Decisions adhd Apr 07, 2023

"Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions." - Barbara Hemphill

This quote changed my life.

It's real talk.

And it's what led me to become a Certified Productive Environment Specialist with Barbara, the paper tiger lady.

Even before I became a certified neurodiversity coach.

I got into...

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The Secret to Getting Out of Overwhelm #productivity adhd overwhelmed Mar 18, 2023

Florida - think warmth, sun, tropics, fruity drinks, my parents!

The excitement for a long weekend vacation was looming.

Monday, my teen texted me that she had Friday off.

The day that I was flying to Florida.

She has been dreaming out loud about tropical time.

Winter is wearing her down.


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How to Manage Your Energy to Defeat Procrastination adhd procrastination Mar 11, 2023

Here in the USA we changed our clocks this morning.

Or if you're organized and don't have ADHD, you did this last night.

Spring forward.

A “lost” hour.

I know, I know, we get it back in the fall.

I wondered why I woke up “so late” at 7:30am, but of course quickly realized...

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How to Take Time Off Even When You're Overwhelmed #adhdcoaching #productivity #well-being adhd overwhelmed time-management Mar 07, 2023

Since summer, my client has wanted to take Friday afternoons off.

Because she runs her own business, it’s hard for her to be away for a week at a time.

She has a busy schedule of projects and frequently the client work would seep right into her weekend.

It was driving her crazy and she was...

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