How to Embrace Your Uniquely Wired Brain

#productivity adhd mentalhealth procrastination May 06, 2023

I lost my license.

The last thing I remember is feeling something in my right pants pocket, pulling it out, and thinking “oh you need to put that in your wallet before you lose it.”

Other than that I have nothing.

Did I put it back in my pants pocket?

Did I put it someplace “safe”?

And if so, which safe place?

All I know is it wasn’t in my wallet when I needed to travel the next morning.

So I took my passport instead.

Fortunately, I also have a copy of my license, because I know my ADHD brain needs one.

Life with ADHD is a lot of forgetfulness.

I have a high speed brain that forgets to stop at the station.


Sometimes I’m just left behind wondering where the train went and if it’s coming back.

Before I ever knew I had ADHD, I lost my Amex card so many times that I ran out of numbers.

They finally had to issue a new one with a changed name.

I would beat myself up relentlessly.

  • How can you forget such important things?
  • How can you be so careless?
  • When are you going to take better care of your things?
  • How can you be so stupid?
  • You should always put things in the exact same spot!

ARGH, I was sure I was broken.

Yeah so not helpful.

Actually painful or as the teens say cringey.

Time for you to stop these nasty voices in your head.

I know you have them too, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE].

Now when I lose something I laugh and say “Oh look here’s my ADHD.”

Trust me, I get frustrated and madly look for things.

But I don’t allow those nasty voices to take space in my head any more.

I’m not broken.

I’m differently wired.

There are challenges that come with it.

And there are gifts.

I’ve never lived any other way so I have nothing to compare it to.

And I’m ok with that.

I like my crazy train brain.

It’s super creative and helps me make unusual connections.

May is mental health awareness month.

I’ll be sharing more mental health stories because there’s a real person writing these emails each week.

One who understands what it’s like to struggle with mental health.

One who can help you through your challenges.

Not a bot.

Not AI.

Not a droid. A droid would be super cool though.

Ready to stop shoulding on yourself.

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