How to Take Time Off Even When You're Overwhelmed

#adhdcoaching #productivity #well-being adhd overwhelmed time-management Mar 07, 2023

Since summer, my client has wanted to take Friday afternoons off.

Because she runs her own business, it’s hard for her to be away for a week at a time.

She has a busy schedule of projects and frequently the client work would seep right into her weekend.

It was driving her crazy and she was exhausted.


It can be easy to allow this to happen as entrepreneurs.

We love our clients and what we do, so we end up working all of the time.

The deadlines keep on coming - fast and furious.

It’s the double-edged sword of success.


My client realized that the only way she could successfully take most Friday afternoons off was to schedule something fun during that time.

And then honor it the same way she honors time for her clients.

Since she started scheduling her fun time, she has enjoyed

  • taking walks in the park with her dad,
  • going to the salon,
  • shopping for plants for her garden,
  • and a list of other relaxing activities.

She has scheduled her priorities, one of which is down time for herself.


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