The Secret to Getting Out of Overwhelm #productivity adhd overwhelmed Mar 18, 2023

Florida - think warmth, sun, tropics, fruity drinks, my parents!

The excitement for a long weekend vacation was looming.

Monday, my teen texted me that she had Friday off.

The day that I was flying to Florida.

She has been dreaming out loud about tropical time.

Winter is wearing her down.


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How to Take Time Off Even When You're Overwhelmed #adhdcoaching #productivity #well-being adhd overwhelmed time-management Mar 07, 2023

Since summer, my client has wanted to take Friday afternoons off.

Because she runs her own business, it’s hard for her to be away for a week at a time.

She has a busy schedule of projects and frequently the client work would seep right into her weekend.

It was driving her crazy and she was...

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