How Do You See Yourself

#adhd #adhdawareness #adhdbrain #self-care #selfcareadhd #selflove Feb 03, 2024

The eye doctor dropped the bomb – bifocals.

Just not happening.

I crossed my arms and shook my head with an adamant no.

Except, it is happening.

And so much more.

I still feel about 40 even though my eyes are telling me otherwise.

After much negotiation, we landed on bifocal glasses with a computer on top and reading on bottom.

A new prescription for distance.

And my much wanted, even needed, prescription sunglasses.

You can imagine the comedy as I explained I was pretty sure I was not out of arm to read.

Except I am.

My former eye doctor who recently moved to California (happy for him, sad for me) would tell me I only needed reading glasses once I couldn’t stretch my arm any further away to read a book.

But I’ve been uncomfortable stretching that way for a long time.

Gumby arms are not super relaxing.

And I’ve noticed that when I write anything on the computer, I need to magnify it or write in 14 font.

And I get headaches.

So for better or worse, I begin my reading and computer glasses journey.

Yes two separate pairs because ADHD me needs to have my reading glasses where I read and my computer glasses where I work.

Really you can't expect me to remember to move a pair of bifocals from room to room!

Because seeing is important.

Let's talk about Seeing

When my clients come to me, they see themselves as lazy or broken or not good enough.

They’re shoulding all over themselves.

They beat themselves up relentlessly.

Can you relate?

And many don’t even know they do it because the world has told them for so long that they are lazy, stupid, crazy, fill in the blank...

Heartbreaking school report cards:

  • Bright but inconsistent
  • Easily distracted
  • Lack of preparation
  • Loses notes
  • Doesn’t retain material learned
  • Needs to improve quality of concentration
  • With concentrated effort could be an astounding student

Well THAT’S a helluva list.

Guess what?

That was mine and yes I turned out ok.

But the struggle was REAL.

Did you know that the average ADHD person has heard 20,000 more negative messages than a neurotypical by the age of 12?

Let that sink in…


It’s no wonder so many people with differently wired brains see themselves as "less than".

I’m on a mission to hold space for my clients to grapple with these little t traumas that show up in their work and hold them back from achieving their dreams.

To help them hear what they’re saying to themselves and help them shift that voice even a tiny bit.

And to help you do the same.

To help you see yourself the way I (and most other people) see you.

I see

  • exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, so deserving of a vacation
  • creative, resourceful, and whole with a need for some tweaks to your systems
  • powerhouses who need a little support and whole lotta grace.

As a coach, it’s my job to reflect what I see back to my clients.

To open the door just a crack, so they can see that beam of light that’s their inner greatness.

Behind all of those yucky messages that keep repeating on the endless inner voice loop in your brain,

YOU have a beam of inner greatness.

Let me help you find it.

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