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Today is International Women's Day.

Did you know that the first National Women's Day was in 1909 to commemorate the "15,000 women who protested in New York against harsh working conditions and lesser wages"?

The first International Women's Day was held in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

And the holiday wouldn't become official until 1975 and is celebrated by the United Nations.

Today, I've read several snarky posts from men about how there should be a Men's Day. That's actually on November 19th so if the men want to get together and make something happen, I'll be happy to shout about it from the rooftops. Also, I can't wait to see the reactions when they find out that they DO have a day. Sometimes, I just have to set the record straight on social media. Yes, I resisted being snarky.

Twice as many boys are diagnosed with ADHD as girls. But there's no genetic predisposition for boys to have ADHD more frequently than girls. It's just that it can be a lot harder to see ADHD in females. We'll get there.

I'm on a mission to help women (and a few great men) who struggle with overwhelm from their uniquely wired brains to no longer feel broken.

No matter how you identify, if you have an ADHD brain you'll definitely want to check out this FREE 2-day event that I'm a part of!

The ADHD Toolbox LIVE for Adults: Experts Reveal Keys To Unlocking Anxiety, Procrastination, and Overwhelm So You Can Be Calm, Productive, and Wildly Successful.

This free event is a video series that’s packed with tools, strategies, and free gifts from top experts in the field of ADHD, including myself.

This resource is a must-have for any adult searching for solutions for ADHD.

There are over 20 experts featured in The ADHD Toolbox LIVE for Adults, and you don’t want to miss a thing, so register now while it’s still top of mind!

Just click on this red box below:

The event will be live-streamed from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time on March 19, 2024. On March 20, they will share pre-recorded interviews that you can watch throughout the day at your convenience.

Additionally, they will be recording the event, so even if you can’t make it, you’ll still want to register. The event will be replayed on March 21 and March 22 for those who cannot attend.

The experts featured in The ADHD Toolbox LIVE for Adults include myself and Dr. Edward Hallowell, Bob Dietrich, Linda Roggli, Leslie Josel, Kevin Bailey, Alma Galvan, Jeff Copper, Duane Gordon, Brooke Schnittman, Aron Croft, Bonnie Mincu, Kelly Biltz, Shell Mendelson, Diane Dempster, and many more.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I get to be a part of such a stellar lineup of ADHD experts!

Some of the topics that will be covered in the video interviews include:

  • How Does Overwhelm Affect Your Decision Making
  • Understanding and Overcoming ADHD Burnout
  • A New Paradigm for Solving ADHD Challenges
  • How to Embrace Your ADHD -Thriving with ADHD in the workplace
  • How To Get Ourselves To Do Things When We Don’t Feel Like iit -How To Break Down a Complex Project
  • 5 Things To Help You Get Things Done and Hold Yourself Accountable -Using ChatGPT for ADHD -and many more…

My topic is "How to Create a New Habit Even When With ADHD and Zero Motivation".

You won't want to miss this.

Imagine being able to sit in the front row and listen to the top experts in the field of ADHD giving you advice about how to help with your challenges.

Wouldn’t that be empowering and invaluable??

Here's that registration link again: ADHD Toolbox


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