February is Where New Year's Resolutions Go to Die

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How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?By now, who knows right!?!Resolutions are big and scary.Far better to make small shifts in our habits.

In case you didn’t notice, there are a bajillion books on habits.I’m pretty sure there are as many books on creating new habits as there are habits to create: Atomic Habits, Tiny Habits, Badass Habits, Million Dollar Habits, The Power of Habit and of course if you go way back The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.And that’s just the first page of Amazon.

Need I say more?

There are habits trackers and apps galore.There are analog planners and digital planners and calendars and oh!Throw in those damn New Year’s Resolutions and January is the month of bright shiny new habits.It’s also Get Organized Month (another freaking habit).

February is the month where resolutions go to die.

Why?Because creating new habits is HARD.And even harder when we have differently wired/ADHD brains.

Let’s face it. Our ADHD brains sometimes feel like a perpetual Groundhog Day.So let's bust some myths about habits.

Myth 1 - Habits are just about willpower.

That’s just a bunch of BS.Willpower will run out.And forget about follow through.Hello have we met?!Willpower is NOT my superpower.

Then there's ye olde ADHD brain and follow through.Recipe for failure.

Sometimes ADHD makes willpower and motivation super challenging for us.

Myth 2 - It only takes 21 days to build a new habit.

I call BS on that too.More like two to eight months.

Why?Because it's hard to build the habit muscle.And we're perfectly imperfect humans which means we don't always succeed the first time.No judgment from my glass house.

Which leads straight into the next myth…and probably the most discouraging one at that.

Myth 3 - If you miss a day, you’re back at square one.

Yup you guessed it – more BS.No, you’re not back at square one!

Try again tomorrow.It's ok that it's not easy.It's ok if you struggle sometimes.We all fall off the wagon occasionally.Myth 4 - You have to go it aloneThis might be the biggest most important myth of all.So, let's just get out the big old sledgehammer and smash it.

This whole let's conquer the west lone ranger belief is wildly outdated.And it doesn't serve you.

I promise you, you're not less or crazy or lazy or broken when you ask for help.On the contrary, having support and accountability for our differently wired brains is mission critical.Don't go building new habits alone.

Instead join us for the ADHD Focus Framework.


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We start on Tuesday, February 20th with setting your vision and productivity goals for the next 6 weeks.

Think this won't work for you?

One of my clients told me Friday that she has been able to keep her desk organized since the last ADHD Focus Framework back in October!

How great is that?!

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