The Surprising Answer to Getting Freedom in Your Business

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So many of us start a business because we want freedom and flexibility.

Then we quickly discover that working for ourselves might not be as flexible as we think.

We might be working way more hours than ever building our business.

Weekends and nights are spent on the backend tasks that just can’t get completed while the emails are pinging during the day.

Eventually we realize that the path to freedom is structure.

Structure is hard for the ADHD brain.

We want to zip from this thing to that thing and back again via 26 other tasks.

We’re creative…don’t fence me in!

But structure is necessary.

Honestly we kind of lack some structure in ye olde brain so external structure can help fill in the gaps.

So how does this work?


Systems and structure - those dreaded S words.

But I promise that systems will help free up your time and your brain.

Seriously, I know a guy who's big in the world of ADHD who has his closet split into two uniforms: t-shirt and jeans for everyday, collared shirts, slacks and a blazer for speaking events and tv appearances. He wakes up in the morning and doesn't have to waste his valuable energy on a decision past is this a speaking day? Then he goes that spot in his closet and he's done.

See how having systems can save you space, time, energy, money and even your sanity?

Think Small

Pick something super small to work on.

You want to get a quick easy win!

Here are a couple of my clients' system wins:

Molly had a huge looming project of organizing her office which included an emotion filled trunk, so we started with decluttering her desk. It took a bit but today that trunk is decluttered and organized. The piles still happen but Molly knows she can come to Productivity Power Hour (see supportive below) and get the office right back to ship shape again.

Tricia was attached to her laptop and could never get away to her beach house without yet another client need. She started taking time off by planning a Friday afternoon unplugged walk with her dad in a local park. And actually going! Because it was easily actionable and she was committed to another person (see supportive below). She's just back from a week long vacation in the French countryside. Go Tricia go!

Small shifts make long term changes possible.

Think Simple

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Seriously, if you have a boring old system that already works and you use it all the time, find another place in your life to be creative.

Starting a new habit or system needs to be simple.

It needs to be one that you will use not one that you think you should use.

My client, Donna, was determined to switch to using Asana for project management. But she struggled actually sticking with it. When we dug deep, I discovered she thought she should use it because I did. NO! I will never shove you into a system I use! She loved her paper planner - it was a system that was working for her. I'm not a paper planner gal but that's ok because Donna is!

The goal is to be more productive and have a life that fits. It's not about having the perfect system.

Think Supportive

Your environment needs to support you in your new habit.

And you need supportive people around you.

  • Can you designate a specific drawer or hook for your car keys?
  • Will a family member or trusted friend help you clear the junk food out of the pantry so you can eat healthier?
  • What if you set a reminder on your phone to stop for a moment of meditation and gratitude?

My iWatch gives me a daily reminder to Inspire Hope.

I stop for a moment, I put my hand on my heart and I think did I help someone today? Did I give them hope? If no, I add it to my next action list.

As for supportive people, I run Productivity Power Hour four days a week for my clients.

They love virtual co-working in a super safe non-judgmental environment.

Sometimes we ADHDers need extrinsic accountability to get the tough things done. That's how my clients get their results.

Think Sustainable

My clients test run their new system in the 167 hours between coaching calls.

We evaluate their progress.

We explore questions like

  • Did it work for you?
  • How many days did you try it?
  • What do you need to change about the new system for your success?

Dana struggled to get started at work in the morning, so we began with one tiny morning routine of walking the dog. She lost 30 pounds because that one small habit got her pumped to join a gym. Ok that wasn't her original goal but nothing wrong with an added benefit.

Over time in coaching, she realized that what she needed was to go to an office to get going in the morning and joined a co-working space.

Sometimes the solution isn't going to show up on our first try.

And it's ok to try again.

Think Success

Envision future you being successful at starting this new system or habit.

  • What systems do you need in place to be wildly successful?
  • Which one should you set up first?
  • When would you like to get started?
  • Where could you get support?
  • How would your life be different once you shift this habit?
  • How would you feel?

Any time you get frustrated and feel like you failed again, remember that each little success is a step in the right direction.

And if you're learning, you're not failing.

Frankly, we sometimes learn a whole lot more in our failures, dang it.

Stay strong, you've got this.

And I've got you!

So what do you need to change today for your success?

Hit reply and let me know.

I would love to support you and your ADHD brain, while you explore that change.

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