Organization and ADHD

#adhd #organization #organized Jul 28, 2023

Theresa was constantly putting off organizing her desk.

She had so much work to do.

She didn’t want to take the time to declutter.

And yet each day she was wasting a ton of time shuffling through piles to find that client file.

It’s hard to see how being organized can help you save time when it can take so much time to tackle those piles.

But there are real benefits to not putting it off.

The average worker loses 2 hours per week to disorganization.

That’s two hours you can be working on other projects.

Or maybe that’s two hours of extra work you did this week where you could have been enjoying time with your family or friends.

When I met with Theresa, she was deep into making excuses for her disorganization and lack of timeliness. She also has ADHD - a double whammy.

Are you always searching for the elusive client file? Are there piles on your desk, your chair, your floor? Organizing papers with ADHD is boring (insert eye roll here). It feels overwhelming and you don't know where to start.

You need a system that allows you to get organized quickly that fits your ADHD brain preferably in just five minutes a day.

the difference between pilers and filers and the different paper organization systems for each.

Grab a stack of papers and work alongside me as I demonstrate the easy first sort method that you can do right now.

Finally, you'll learn 3 simple stress-free strategies to maintain imperfect organization in your office in daily, weekly, and monthly.

WHY do we struggle with clutter and getting organized?

Postponed decisions.

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