Opting Out from Overwhelm

#adhd #adhdcoach #organization #organized #workspace Nov 28, 2023

Where’s Catherine?


On this episode of Where’s Waldo, we’re searching for Catherine.

After all, she has been eerily absent from inboxes this month.

That’s partly by design and partly because our life got very lifey - family and illness and caregiving oh my.

But that’s a story for another day.

Let’s talk about the by design part because that’s where the fun is.

I don’t know about you but this month my inbox has been overflowing with Black Friday sales and Small Business Saturday sales and Cyber Monday sales.

I find it all overwhelming.

Do you?

I chose to opt out.

My delete button is now faded and I was trigger happy with unsubscribing.

Happy decluttered inbox!

I have a rule about this wonderful time of the year.

I purchase one business thing.

It changes every year.

Last year, it was professional video sessions with Lou Bortone.

This year, it was the Ignite membership program with Lydia Martin.

Both years, I had those items high on my wish list.

So I scored.

Purchasing just one thing means I have to choose wisely rather than letting my ADHD brain chase after every bright shiny object.

It saves me money.

Ok the one item costs money but imagine multiplying that by 10.

Also it saves me from guilt because I have soooo many courses either unfinished or not yet started.

I say yet but will I ever start?

Hard to say.

Story time -

I saw a second course that I NEED (ok want) and the price was SO good!

I could feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) rising.

But it sounded familiar.

So I backed away from the virtual shopping cart and I did a quick search around ye olde desktop (I’m 90% digital).

Buried deep in my emails languishing behind 25 other subscriptions was the login information for the very same course.
No wonder it sounded familiar!


I could beat myself up about it.

Don’t recommend.

Or I could use this moment as incentive to finally get that dang course started!

I choose this.

And I’m congratulating myself for pausing (OMG not our ADHD superpower) long enough not to waste money on something I already have.

See how you can shift how you feel about a situation?

Also celebrate all the wins!

I know you just gloss over those awesome things you do.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea right now and write down three things you accomplished this year no matter how small you think they are.

Virtual high five -and way to go,!


Speaking of wins -

This morning, I’m closing the office and taking the train to Baltimore for the International Conference on ADHD.

I’ve attended virtually the last three years and can’t wait to finally meet my colleagues in person!

If you’re going, come find me at the Meet the Experts event on Friday at 5:30pm.


I also…drum roll please…will be speaking at the virtual portion of the conference which will be held December 5-6.

The topic is ADHD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Workspace.

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