Losing My Voice

#adhdawareness #adhdcommunity #adhdproductivity #adhdspeaking #adhdstrengths #adhdvoice #focusforward Sep 10, 2023

It has been a long summer.

I haven't shared much about what happened so I'll give you the short version now.

After I returned from the absolutely magical life changing Real Speaking event in Santa Fe, I came down with bronchitis.

I don't see this as a coincidence.

Losing my voice immediately after finding it.


I was sick for a month and then we promptly headed to Europe for our long awaited vacation.

We had a great time - a story for another day.

The day after we got back, my husband and I came down with Covid.

He blessedly recovered after about 10 days.

It took me a month.

Yet another very busy month with both work and family.

And whether I wanted to or not, the only cure was rest.

A lot of rest.


In fact, it wasn’t just a busy spring with my first airline trip since the pandemic.

I've been burning the candle at both ends since the beginning of the year.

My long recovery from Covid brought home how badly I needed to rest.

How much I needed to step back from doing and just BE.

A lot.

Much much more than I expected.

Such is the course of burnout.


I knew I turned a corner when last weekend I was finally able to sit down and complete the last items to qualify for my Trauma Informed Coaching Certification.

I want to express so much gratitude to Feroshia Knight, who waited patiently while I drip drip dripped in each element required.


And I'm pleased to announce that at long last I am officially a certified Trauma Informed Coach.


Over the course of the next few months, I'll be sharing much more about what burnout looks like, especially for a person with ADHD.

We'll explore how trauma plays a role in burnout - my latest passion research project.

And I'll explain what I did to pull out of the exhaustive funk.

Hint - a lot less doing and a lot more BEing.

I'm not done with this burnout journey and I've grown (begrudgingly because me!) to accept that.


You'll be able to catch that here on social media and on my podcast Uncluttered Office.


One last thought -


Today marks 21 years since 9/11.

And my 7 year cancerversary.


This year is the first that I didn’t wake up in tears.

I feel a quiet peace with all of it.

I even watched a bit of today’s ceremony - my first time ever.


I miss how gracious and kind we all were in those days following.

I wish we could recapture that spirit without a tragedy to bring it about of course.


So today please do something kind for someone else.

A small way to remember.

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