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#adhd #adhdproductivity adhdweekend getaway self-love Mar 04, 2024

I snuck away to visit my parents in Florida last weekend.

I’ve been at full throttle for as long as I can remember.

As much as I wanted to be, I wasn’t completely unplugged. (I'll be getting unplugged soon I promise!)

My bestie, who I stayed with, gave me a spot for my laptop at her kitchen counter.

I loved getting up early and writing client emails with a cup of her delicious coffee and the warm semi-tropical sun streaming through the windows.

I spent an afternoon with my Mer (my childhood name for my mom) shopping the circle.

Then two weekend afternoons walking the beach with my bestie.

And I wrapped up the weekend with a glorious morning with Mer hearing Stanley Tucci speak. Like so many, his programs on Italy got us through the pandemic. We love to travel and missed it terribly. So we would pretend as we watched tv safely from our socially distanced sofa. LOL!

But back to the beach.

You’re probably wondering what walking on the beach could possibly have to do with productivity?

Turns out everything!

By stepping away from the comfort zone of my home office, I was able to get creative in a whole much more relaxed way.

I was on fire with new ideas for Reels.

I shot videos on the beach and at an art show.

I wrote all kinds of quotes with a little help from AI.

How about you?

Do you step away from work life to focus on your business, not just in it?

You would be amazed by how much you can accomplish when you aren’t interrupted by the day to day moments:

  • That last-minute report the guy didn’t finish down the hall
  • The lunch and learn at the office
  • The committee meeting for the school fundraiser
  • The birthday dinner for your boss
  • The endless shuttling of children to and from activities.


Work stuff and life stuff.

It all adds up.

When you can get away from all of that.

When you can take a breath.

When you pause in the moment.

That’s when the magic happens!

That’s why you get brilliant ideas when you’re in the shower or listening to music or working out.

Your brain relaxes, you get a hit of dopamine, and instant presto your Magic Grow capsule is a spongy animal thing.

Pausing is mission critical.

It gives you space to think, make decisions, and create.

“But, but, but you’re an entrepreneur, Catherine, and I have a J.O.B.!”

Good try.

You can still do this.

Start your lunch with a brisk walk around your corporate campus.

Or switch up that one-on-one meeting to a walk in the park.

Or reserve a small conference area for a couple of hours.

Or ask for a day to work from home.

A survey from Connect Solutions indicates that “77% (of respondents) stated they were more productive when working remotely; and 30% stated that they accomplished more in less time than when they worked in-house.”

The sky’s the limit.

See what percolates for you.

And let me know please!

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