Play After Play

Oct 22, 2023

Play after agonizing play.

Ohio State just kept plowing down the field wearing out our defense.

And leaving us wondering when our offense will finally show up to make the big play.

Any play really.

Penn State football is not for the faint of heart.

Some days feel like this.

You put your head down, you keep pushing so hard, you’re sure that it will work this time.

Like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.

“C’mon Charlie Brown you know better!” you shout at the tv. 


Well, I do.

We keep making the same plays at work expecting something to be different.

Today will be the day we heed that alarm and get to the office on time.

Or we swear we’ll set that file (keys, glasse, wallet) in this exact spot so we can’t possibly forget it.

And yet nothing changes.

Your ADHD brain doesn’t give a sh*t about how hard you’re trying.

It just wants to lie on the couch with a bag of chips and surrender.

But you can’t keep doing the same thing if it isn’t working.

So, grab your chips, curl up on the sofa and recharge for a day.

Then when you’re refreshed step back and reconsider some of your systems.

Don’t have ANY systems?

Well, that could be the issue.


Systems save you space, time, energy, money and sanity.

Systems aren’t just fancy technology things you have at work.


You can have systems for 

Getting out the door in the morning

Setting up for your day at work

Passing info on to others on your team

Prioritizing your task list

Setting up your calendar

Finishing up your workday

Exercising, down time, hanging out with family or friends.

Getting ready for bed (and tomorrow)
The list goes on and on.

For now, just know that there IS a better way.

And if you’re looking for a way to create some systems, I can help.

Clients in my ADHD Coaching QuickStart are getting off the couch and getting things done.

T consistently cranks out her last hour of each day to finish scripts for a major marketing client project.

D is clearing out boxes of manuals that a year ago she held onto sure she would need them to write her book (she doesn’t)

B decided that she really wasn’t ready to retire so she moved closer to family and is now building another part of her business in a brand-new city and state

M had huge family challenges this summer but still managed to carve out some time for herself

Know what they all have in common?


Together we set them up so that they can move forward with their goals and have time to have a life!

Imagine what your life could be like with a few systems.

Let’s connect!

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