On the Wings of Dragonflies

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I held the carved statue in my hand and wondered.

It just didn’t seem to be the exact momento to remember Sandra Grace by.

It was pretty but I wasn’t drawn to it. It didn't speak to me.

I circled the room again and saw a small photo of a bell.

Hmmmm…now that’s interesting.

But what was behind it - well that called to me!

A picture of a dragonfly.


For the last month since Sandra Grace died I’ve seen dragonflies everywhere.

The first one - huge - floated in front of my car in the parking lot outside of the Gap.

I couldn’t miss it!

I had to drive super slow so I wouldn’t hit it.

Finally, I realized I needed to let it know I had seen it. And the second after I wished it well, it flew away.

I knew this was a sign.

I’ve been surrounded by dozens if not hundreds of dragonflies in the days since.

I even got this pretty amazing photo.

At first I thought my Aunt was visiting me, but she comes as a blue dragonfly.

All of these have been gold.

When I saw the drawing of the dragonfly, I knew that all of these dragonfly moments have been Sandra Grace.

This summer, beginnings and endings have been in the forefront.

Maybe it’s my age (57) but it’s not just our friends' parents, it’s friends OUR age.

And dragonflies are symbolic of, you guessed it, new beginnings.

Because even endings are new beginnings.

Since I’ve sent out several ezines recently about endings, let’s talk about beginnings.

I hosted my first challenge, EPIC Office, in our Facebook group: Productivity for ADHD.

People had so much success getting their offices organized and ready for fall that I plan on running another challenge the last week of August.

I let that group languish because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in it.

But what I've discovered is that I'm not only a coach but also an educator.

Which is kind of full circle for me because as a small girl I dreamed of becoming a teacher.
I love to teach and to learn!
So, we'll have fun together.

Now we’ll have regular training videos and challenges.
I host the ShiFtShow every Thursday at about 9am, which has productivity strategies for your ADHD brain.

And I usually pop in live on Tuesdays and Saturdays too.

I would love for you to join us.

Click the button below:


I’ve been making videos and adding them to my YouTube channel.

Some of them have fun themes like the ShiFtshow, the ABCs of ADHD (these are YouTube shorts), and a new series College Conversations from the Car. I'm @catherineavery on YouTube.

The whole process is a thousand times easier for my business manager since I took Lou Bortone’s Descript course.

Lou started using Descript to edit his podcast Take the Cannoli a wise take on The Godfather, one of my favorite movies of all time.

He quickly realized that Descript works beautifully for video and since he’s the Godfather of video (do you sense a theme here?) he learned ALLTHETHINGS about how it works and teaches a course on it.
That course (revised and improved because Lou) rolls out again tomorrow.

And I’ll be taking it again.

Why? Because anything Lou creates is amazing!

And I know that Descript has so many capabilities that I can always learn more.

Lou describes it as “the ultimate tool that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for your podcasts and videos. Say goodbye to complex editing headaches and hello to a seamless experience that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without it!”


Y’all I don’t promote anything unless I absolutely love it.

And this course was great!

Just click the button below:

I hope to see you there!


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