How to Deal with Spaghetti Brain

#adhd #adhdproductivity self-worth Jan 14, 2024

I just got out of my weekly coaching call with my digital marketing coach extraordinaire, Nika Stewart.

I was having one of those moments where I had 6,000 brilliant ideas but not one focus.
And Nika had to rein me in.
Uber focused – love it.

Here I am a productivity coach for brain-based challenges like ADHD and my mind was aaaaallllll over the place..

Partly this is already a difficult week.

  • It’s the anniversary of a long time friend’s death and I feel it this week each year.
  • The Capitol, the government, the US kind of feels like we’re living in the upside down. Hey, I have a teen. Stranger Things is part of my lexicon.
  • This morning, I was dealing with allthethings around long term planning for other family members. My college has an online group for those of us dealing with elders. And all of us are just not ready for these tough realities.

Partly, I’m just a person who generates a LOT of ideas.
It’s how we small business owners roll, right?

Bright, shiny!

So it was all a jumble of thoughts in my mind today.

The good news is I’m not alone.
Nika helped me talk through the spaghetti in my mind. And we got my brain uncluttered. We restored my focus on the one thing.


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