Walk the Dog

#adhdempowerment #adhdstrategy #focusforward #productivelife #selfcareadhd #unclutteredholidays Nov 02, 2023

Did you set your clocks back?

Today in the US (except super smart Arizona), we do the godforsaken time change.

This change messes me up for a week.

No idea why.

I guess I’m just crazy time sensitive.


Bob re-set most of the clocks last night.

Yes, he rocks.

And when I woke up in the dark this morning and slit open an eyelid, I was ecstatic to see that it was 5:30 and that’s not so bad so I’ll get up.

Three hours later, I put on my watch to discover that it was in fact 7:30.

Which means I woke up at 4:30.


There will definitely be a nap this afternoon.


And that leads me right into the power of pausing.

Pausing with intention allows us to reap the full benefits of the break.

And don’t kid yourself your body and brain need breaks, especially if you have a fast brain like me.

Even the TGV (Tres Grand Vitesse – high speed train) stops at an occasional station.


A power walk followed by lunch with good friends and a nap should be a perfectly planned pause after a busy morning of work.


At a Productivity Power Hour, this week one of my clients was wildly frustrated.

She could not find the tax file she needed.

Searching for it was exhausting and defeating.

She needed a break.


I told my client her next most important task was to take a walk with her dog.

I could see it in her eyes.

And I could feel it in her body’s energy.

She wasn’t going to rest until she found this file.

Taking a walk was a waste of time.

But it’s not.


I promised her that nothing would change in the next 10 minutes.

That some fresh air and nature and fun with her pup would help shift her mind.

Then she would either find the tax file or come up with a different solution.

But in that moment she was stuck.


I knew exactly how she was feeling.

Just the day before I was d*mn near breakdown because my day was overbooked, and I had my own tax crisis.

I didn’t want my client to get to that point.


By the way I took my own advice and took a walk.


Because I knew that getting out of mind and into my body would help me


  • Stop all the negative racing thoughts
  • Breathe
  • Relax
  • Focus
  • Problem Solve


I understand the mind-body connection.

We hold the aggravation in our cells.

And one way to start to release it is to move.


I’ve been virtually attending the International Conference on ADHD for the last 3 days.

My husband has been sick (not Covid) and I’ve had to be the parent, caregiver, grocery shopper etc.

It wasn’t how I planned it.

I sure wasn’t happy about it.

And I’ve missed a LOT of the conference.

But sometimes sh*t happens.


Fortunately, I have access to the recordings for the next week.

And I’ve started carving time in my schedule to listen to one or two each day.

I can look at this is a royal pain in the *ss.

And initially I did.

Or I can look at those learning spots in each of my day as a way to pause and recharge.

Weirdly, I recharge from learning, at least if it’s something I’m really interested in.

How very ADHD of me.

Yeah we’re all in on the hyperfocus on whatever lights us up.


Finally, Cj and I’ve been hyperfocused on creating and launching my brand new program – Uncluttered Holidays: The Gift You Give Yourself.

Find the holidays overwhelming?

Uncluttered Holidays are an entirely new way to enjoy (yes really) the holiday season.

I’ll give you a holiday how to hint – the secret sauce is in the pause.


I’ll be sending an email about how to register later this week.

Stay tuned…


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